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You need a video, right?! Wrong!
You need a video that make your product understandable in 60 sec.

We help businesses to simplify their message and convert visitors into clients through 60-sec animated explainer videos.

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Say "Goodbye!" to boring promo videos

There are probably tens of business videos that you see everyday. How many of them really bring your attention? Video marketing works, but another promo video is not enough to attract new clients anymore.

Animated video is about understanding your audience, simple language, and good design.

Video animations is everything you need to stop your viewers and communicate the value that your business shares.

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Start with one, but a professional video. Success depends on a quality, not quantity.
Business videos work! We will make video marketing a friend of yours.

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Let’s start with a script

We offer you a free custom video script and initial consultation. We want to help you and devote our time, really. You have a chance to meet us and make sure that we are the right match.

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Work hand in hand

A script might seem like not much work but in fact it’s the core video part. The production process will be just a formality now. Let’s do it hand in hand, together. You’re giving feedback, we’re taking care of a video production process.

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Video distribution

Need some initial kick? We’ll build a video strategy and help you to distribute video ad or animation on the Internet.

How Do We Produce Video Animations? See Our Production Process.

1. Consultation & Research

We never start working before understanding your business, competitors and goals. It is crucial for us to adjust video communication to the audience that you are trying to reach.

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2. Video Script Writing

When we have the knowledge about your business, we are switching our brains to creative mode. After that stage you will get an explainer video script together with some useful comments.

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3. Storyboards

A storyboard is a sequence of sketched illustrations that show how your video will look like scene by scene. From this point your 2d animation will finally start to get some shape.

video storyboards drawn on a pre-made storyboard template
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4. Illustrations

Storyboard is a good starting point to create professional illustrations. We start from different ideas and sketches that later are translated into some really nice pictures.

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5. Animation & Voice-Over

Static illustrations give a general feeling of the video already, however, there’s no movement yet. Motion designer will take care of it, start animating scenes and give some life to the still pictures. That’s also a point where we will work with voice artists.

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6. Music & SFX

Music and sound effects is like a cherry on top of a cake. It will spice the video up a little bit and help your audience to notice what’s happening on the screen even better.

This is How Our Animated Videos Look Like

Olivier Verhage - Co-Founder at Yoho App

“I think you guys did a really good job. Top points:
– Clear, concise and very friendly communication & Quick turn-around
– True understanding of our product and market, so not much time required to explain the business case and storyline of the explainer video

5 yellow stars in a row


“CreateAny. helped me to develop our new explainer video. Head of the company – Pawel gave us good proposal, and solve the problem promptly. I am pleased to recommend them to my friends. The video has been online less than a week, in such a short time, we’ve got first positive feedback.

5 yellow stars in a row

Marta Moliz - Marketing Manager at Hackages & TEXIDI

“I was positively surprised by the time you spent checking our product and talking to me to understand it well before getting to work.

5 yellow stars in a row
building of OEC in cracow
logo of OEC brand

Jennifer Weppelman - Marketing Communications Specialist

“Thanks for the footage and great work! We are working on the details of the next project.”

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We are not another video production company.

We are real and passionate people who stay behind the CreateAny brand. Meet Us!


I am a video enthusiast and motion designer who’s at the same time responsible for the business side of our project. Talking to clients and coming up with custom video ideas is one of the things that I enjoy a lot. Maybe just after surfing in Indonesia!


I am a creative mind of Createany. I write scripts and make sure that the video animations we produce are enjoyable for everyone on the basis of content and visuals. Have a break from work? Then you can meet me on my Youtube channel!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a video cost?

Our advertising agency evaluates services individually, flexibly and friendly. We work with very different budgets, because the companies and needs of our clients are so different. Only quality is not negotiable.

How much work is needed on our side?

Just a little bit. What’s important for us is learning more about your company. That’s why your main responsibility is to help us understand your business goals and industry. We ask questions and send questionnaires. What we expect is honest answers.

Each project requires about 2-3 hours of conversations & feedback time from your side.

How long does all this take?

4-6 weeks is an average life time of a project. However, production time also depends on your availability. The faster we get your feedback and needed information the sooner we deliver an animated video.

We’ll start you off with a free video script.

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